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About Our Wilderness Elk Hunts

Do I need to be an experienced rider ?   No previous riding experience is needed, but an hour or two on a horse at your local stable shortly before your trip will help loosen up our muscles. We will give you all the instruction you need to get by comfortably and safely on your trip. The better physical shape your in the better your hunt !

What about age and health ?  Any person 12 years of age or older may obtain a hunting license in Colorado and must carry it with them while in the field.------- you should also be old enough to get on a horse and young enough to stay on.

How do we get to creede Colorado ?  Go to They have a map and lots of information about creede. Spend a few extra days in the area and explore the historical moments of the past  investigating a once rip-roaring mining town ------Also check out Discount Travel Link  for travel arrangements from your area to ours.

Where do I stay the night before and night after my Hunt?   Hartman Outfitters puts you up the night before we depart from the trailhead. (usually at Freemons' Ranch halfway between Creede and the trailhead)-----The night after the trip is up to you as many travel back to Creede or Alamosa--We usually get back to the trailhead in the early afternoon of the last day of the hunt. If you want to stay around Creede before or after the hunt you should book lodging early as Creede is a popular place to visit.

How do I get to the Trailhead on the day of departure?  You follow us after breakfast in your rental vehicle.--The road turns to dirt, but is well maintained----Remember we are there to serve and guide you.

What is the weather like ?   Well by-golly there is an old saying in the High Country of Colorado "if ya don't like the weather, just wait 20 minutes".  Some days are sunny and warm, and some are rain/snow and cold. I've seen it snow in July, and hot and dry in Oct. Expect changes and be prepared and dress in layers. Be sure to pack quality rain gear and warm cloths. (Expect snow)

How many hunters per hunt ?  Archery and Muzzle Loading Hunts only 2 hunters at a time----First Rifle Hunt six max--Second Rifle Hunt 4 max

Do I need a hunter Safety Card ?  You need a hunter Safety Card if you were born after Jan 1st, 1949. If you need one, please arrange to get in a class prior to your hunt.

Exactly what do I bring ?  All you need is your own personal gear and a warm sleeping bag. We supply roomy stand up tents with cots on carpet, A detailed Ready list of exactly how much and what kind of clothes to bring will be sent upon receipt of you reservation.

What is the food like ?  If you like franks and beans--bring them with you. We serve meals of steaks, poultry, fish and pork with fresh fruit, vegetables, tossed salad, biscuits, potatoes, and desserts.

What rifle should I bring ? We recommend a bolt action rifle in the calibers of  270, 7mm, 300 or 300mm. Site your rifle in at 100 yards. Know your rifle---How far above the elks back do you hold at 300yards?--400 yards? ----Expect shots in the range of 100 to 500 yards. Spend time shooting your rifle--Be comfortable with it----know it well.

What about a leather scabbard ? Absolutely---you want your gun to fit the scabbard---you also need two straps connected to the scabbard so we can fit it to your saddle.

Do I need binoculars ? You bet---That's part of the fun and hunt.

What else do I need to know ?  You need to know that Hartman Outfitters and staff are here to serve you and make your Hunt an adventure that you will remember for a lifetime--We put our whole hearts into supplying you with the best guides, horses, equipment, staff, food and the finest camp there is.-----We also put every hour into getting you in the right spot to get that big Bull you've always dreamed of-------Our past record has proved that !

Hunt in Colorado's Wilderness with us

We are only a few miles and a hundred years from your town.



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